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Rick Sanchez VS The Doctor (Rick and Morty VS Doctor Who) | DEATH BATTLE!
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2,077,993 Views • Premiered Nov 20, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
The Time Lord duels the Rickest Rick!
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Views : 2,077,993
Genre: Entertainment
Upload date: Premiered Nov 20, 2023 ^^

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Comments - 20K

Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 week ago

Rick going on a blind rampage over a fenderbender while the Doctor just acts defensively is perfectly in character for both of them.

1.7K |


5 days ago

I always love the line that is used as a threat against the Doctor. "Fear me I've killed hundreds of Time Lords" and his response "fear me I've killed them all"

631 |


4 days ago

That grin at the screaming sun from a thousands of years old, multiversal being was pure "Huh... I just saw a new thing. Been about 100 years since THAT happened! Neat!"

145 |


6 days ago

I almost believed you got David Tennant to voice The Doctor for this til I saw the credits. Very talented voice actors on this one.

270 |


1 week ago

One ability you didn't mention is that the Doctor actually does have some sort of "plot armour". Extended media says he has a degree of subconcious probability warping, which occured due to his large amount of timetravelling. So basically, he's always playing the game with loaded dice.

544 |


1 week ago

That David Tennant impersonation was god tier! I've been a fan of his for over a decade and I was asking myself "did they get him for this YouTube video?!" It had me fooled!
Jolly good show!

190 |


1 week ago

Major props to the writers for keeping the Doctor a technical pacifist by having Rick be the one who fired the killing blow himself.

7.5K |


4 days ago

I love the animation showing how quirky the doctor is and how he's amused by things in the Rick and Morty universe.

110 |


6 days ago

This has got some of the best moments in Death Battle
Doctor smiling at the screaming sun
The Arcade Cabinets at Blitz and Chitz
But the best has to be
"Well Blink as much as you can, they're scared of rapid movement."

134 |


2 days ago

The best part of The Doctor's Victory is he didn't directly kill Rick, He just turned Rick's attack back on him. Perfectly in character for The Doctor!

41 |


1 day ago

Probably one of the most well made fights I’ve ever seen, perfectly done

5 |


4 days ago

As someone who has never seen Dr. Who, it was really cool to hear about their stories and what they can do!

51 |


1 week ago

I love how the Doctor is amused by the screaming sun. Like he just thinks its neat cause he's never seen that before.

3.1K |


6 days ago

One thing I absolutely loved about this battle is that the Doctor technically didn’t kill Rick as much as Rick killed himself.

Very much in line to how the Doctor tends to handle his opponents.

110 |


1 week ago

"but Rick has better weapons!" The first thing you'll notice about the doctor, is that he's unarmed.

54 |


4 days ago

I love that you got the soundalike that The Hillywood Show hired for their Doctor Who and Good Omens parody to do The Doctor. His version of Tennant's voice is so good that it nearly is good enough to be the real thing when you don't know it's them

25 |


3 days ago

I'm not a Doctor Who fan like my Dad was but I didn't have to watch Doctor Who to tell you that this was a unfair match up. The Doctor is as close as to becoming a God than anyone! I'm a big fan of Rick & Morty but jezzz no way he'd win. Seen it coming from a mile away 😂

13 |


1 week ago

The voice for david tennant's doctor was really well done

23 |


1 week ago

I think my favorite part about the fight is The Doctor’s “fighting style”. He disarms Rick, hacks & overloads his equipment, traps him in a precarious situation and tricks him into destroying himself.


The dedication to The Doctor’s character is incredible.

2K |


1 week ago

I was thinking Rick would take it until I was reminded that the sonic screwdriver existed. The single most broken and OP gadget in all of media, and yes that includes the gun that erases people from history.

45 |

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