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Ranking every Thanksgiving food BUT the turkey
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487,010 Views • Nov 20, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
[CC] On a scale of 1-to-Arin Hanson, what's your relationship with Pecan Pie?

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Views : 487,010
Genre: Comedy
Upload date: Nov 20, 2023 ^^

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Comments - 1.4K

Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 week ago

Having a room full of producers and assistants all gasp simultaneously when Dan throws food onto something that's not supposed to have food on it really adds to the panic factor 10/10

4K |


1 week ago

Arin's reaction to eating the pies is such a mood.

328 |


1 week ago

11:40 "I'm learning I have a much less sexual relationship with food than you do." And Dan literally wrote a song about fucking a sandwich, so that's really saying something

225 |


1 week ago

This episode made me realize how many cherished bands are actually Thanksgiving themed; Korn, Black-eyed Peas, Smashing Pumpkins...the list goes on.

877 |


1 week ago

Arin foodgasming over the pies is SUCH A MOOD lmao it's hilarious

823 |


1 week ago

"Don't touch me ever, but especially right now." - Dan, the man whose body is magnetically attracted to Arin whilst in the throes of laughter.

1.8K |


1 week ago

Dan making a joke, laughing to himself, starting to explain said joke and then giving up immediately will always be one of my favorite bits.

79 |


1 week ago

Everyone thinks I'm absolutely INSANE when I mention Corn Pudding, I'm so happy it was in this episode. It's my favorite dish, passed down from my great grandmother!

118 |


1 week ago

My seretonin has increased from Arin’s spiritual yet sexual experiences with desserts and Dan throwing a mid pumpkin pie at a whiteboard.

649 |


1 week ago

Idk if I've ever seen Dan eat so much food with enthusiasm and not disgust

30 |


1 week ago

Arin even nailed the weird no reason boner at the dinner table, it's just LIKE THANKSGIVING

34 |


1 week ago

The lima beans sequence was chef's kiss. The reluctance, Dan's trickshot, Arin's sadness, applause, and the "there's a darkness inside of them"

271 |


1 week ago

It's nice to see a 10-minute power hour where Dan is actually having a good time.

3K |


1 week ago

Arin’s foodgasm with all the desserts 😂

64 |


1 week ago

As the main Pie maker in a family of cooks, I am honestly appalled at the lack of apple pie but also completely relate to Arin’s love for the pies

22 |


1 week ago

Dan saying that the sugar pie is really good and then looking over at arin, who was in whichever circle of hell that people who indulge in pleasure go to, is a primo moment.

134 |


1 week ago

Props to their staff for making all this food. It looked really good.

14 |


1 week ago

You laugh, but take it from a Southerner: when Thanksgiving food is good it is REALLY REALLY good. Like ORGASMICALLY good. Arin's reactions are absolutely appropriate.

119 |


1 week ago

The fact that so far Dan likes most of these dishes just goes to show that he’s NOT as picky as I thought , Arin is just insane 😂

2.9K |


1 week ago

12:23 "I feel like I'm watching a mukbang" Now that Dan said it, I've realized that's probably untapped content potential for Arin

9 |

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