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Anthony Padilla
Ian Hecox
Brian Rasmussen
Izzy Rocha
Leah Kilpatrick
Ryan Todd
Ian’s Mom

WHO YOU DON’T SEE (usually)
Directors: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Erin Dougal
Editors: Josh Fleury, Mike Criscimagna
Channel Director, Smosh Main: Anthony Padilla
Channel Director, Smosh Main: Ian Hecox
Associate Producer, Smosh Main: Erin Dougal
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Assistant Art Director: Erin Kuschner
Art Coordinator: Alex Aguilar
Assistant Directors: Amanda Barnes, Zoe Moacanin
Assistant Editor: Matt Duran
Associate Producer, Smosh Main: Erin Dougal
Audio Mixer: Greg Jones
Camera Operators/Gaffers: Darren Kho, Josh Kirkwood
Director Of Photography: Brennan Iketani
Director, Design: Brittany Hobbs
DIT: Luke Baker, Matt Duran
Office PA: Ovsana Tsaturian
Post Production Manager: Luke Baker
Production, EVP: Zoe Moacanin
Production Manager: Amanda Barnes
Production Coordinator: Heidi Ha
Production Assistant: Marcus Munguia
Senior Manager, Channel & Strategy: Lizzy Jones
Set Dresser: Tayler Nicholson
Social Media: Tommy Bowe, Mallory Myers
Talent Coordinator: Selina Garcia

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Views : 1,999,904
Genre: Comedy
Upload date: Premiered Nov 17, 2023 ^^

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Comments - 11K

Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

The old house, the old music, Ian’s mom, Stevie, the ragdolls, the thirst trap bikini girl. This is peak new classic Smosh.

26K |


1 week ago


550 |


1 week ago

Donut president not doing anything and still getting the checkmark is absolutely brilliant.

1.4K |


1 week ago

I was in middle school when I first saw food battle now I’m 22 and I working a full time job man the nostalgia this brings back is crazy this really feels like the old smosh again

295 |


1 week ago

I’m so impressed with how they’re doing this. They’re sticking close to the roots yet it doesn’t feel outdated and the jokes still land. If it’s really just Ian and Anthony writing this, they’re genuinely very talented

549 |


1 week ago

Actually this is even better than classic smosh, because its got the randomness of classic smosh, but the comedy is much more subtle. Stuff like Anthony crawling back from mexico without any dialogue, just wordless storytelling. Its perfect.

90 |


2 weeks ago

This might be the best food battle yet.
Love the twist at the end.

9.6K |


1 week ago

The long awaited return of Stevie just made my year, we need a Stevie spin off

924 |


8 hours ago

This feels just like classic smosh. Awesome job Ian and Anthony.
Love seeing the old original supporting cast back as well 😊

2 |


1 week ago

“I’m not even Mexican” had me so dead😂😂😂

57 |


1 week ago

This video actually makes me feel like they never left. Everything was literally perfect for Food Battle lol

111 |


3 days ago

It feels so crazy watching this as an adult having grown up watching these every year 😭

3 |


2 weeks ago

The Ultimate Food Battle is here in 2023!!!!

9.4K |


1 week ago

Ian and Anthony have mastered the art of combining nostalgia with fresh material and even taking it to another level. It's honestly pretty amazing to behold

15 |


1 week ago

I think it’s safe to say it’s officially the way things were in so fucking proud that Smosh has come full circle o love this so much this is the first video they have made this year or even last year that reminds me of the way Smosh used to be I’m glad they both seem to have the same energy and same motivation as they once had together

58 |


1 week ago

I’m so happy that newer generations can have the chance to behold new editions of Food Battle, even if it doesn’t live up to the monumental hype it gained back in the day, it will be worth it to know that this series will remain as a part of YouTube for the good foreseeable future.

65 |


1 week ago

Kinda crazy how it’s been a full decade since Ian’s last food battle victory

50 |


1 week ago

4:32 Okay that was actually fucking funny!
Overall this was a wonderful video that maintained the spirit Food Battle always had!

32 |


2 weeks ago

Amazing. Legit their acting was SPOT ON and captured the OG essence needed for this perfectly. Camera work was creative and very clean. Very good Easter eggs like young Ian with his bowl haircut on the book and Ian perfectly mimicking his reaction movements when getting stopped by the News reporter (Brian) legit from legit 2006/7!! So spot on. EDIT: FORGOT to mention…. DID ANYONE REALIZE they are wearing the SAME OUTFITS as 2006! Biggest Easter egg, knew it looked all too familiar! 🔥

They executed this perfectly and we thank you for giving the world what it needed right now! ❤🙌🙏🔥

1.6K |


1 week ago

I don't think people are giving enough credit to the Food Battle music getting a much-needed update. It sounds so good.
Seven years since the previous Food Battle - totally worth the wait. :D

30 |

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