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Media shown: Amnesia: The Bunker, Who’s Lila, The Utility Room, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, SOMA, Outlast, Devotion, Prey, Dead Space, Signalis, Resident Evil 4 (Remake), Silent Hill 2, Half Life: Alyx, Beat Saber, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Myst, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Destiny 2, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Super Mario 64, Alan Wake II

Music Used (Chronologically): Lacrimosa (Dead Space 2), Turned Around (Signalis), Rose (Resident Evil 8), The Blank Canvas (Inscryption), Safe Room (Amnesia: The Bunker), Officer Hub (Amnesia: The Bunker), End Credits (Amnesia: The Bunker), LilaChase (Who’s Lila?), Quiet Floors (Who’s Lila?), Misremembered (Signalis), Strupnev (Who’s Lila?), Submarine (INSIDE), Amid Bones (Iron Lung), A Mysterious Device (Returnal), Tendrils (Manifold Garden), Pilgrimage (Gorogoa), Nemesis (Returnal), Left Alone (Detention), Safe Room (Resident Evil), End Credits (Amnesia: The Bunker)

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1 week ago

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791 |


1 week ago

Whoever made "who's lila" is a fucking genius. Such an amazingly executed concept

4.1K |


1 week ago

Hearing you say that you ran back down into the bunker made me realize something that, at least to me, is horrifyingly profound. The literally nightmarish, demonic creature that stalks you so relentlessly, is preferable to... A man with a gun. After all, you can fight against the monster with a revolver, grenades, fire bottles, and what counts for wits in a situation like that, but the man with the gun...

You can't even see him.

1.6K |


1 week ago

“To give someone control in a video game is to enable them to make mistakes, horror comes from simply living with the consequences” WHAT A FUCKING BANGER LINE YOUVE DONE IT AGAIN MY FRIEND

638 |


1 week ago

The bunker giving you that little taste of fresh air, and then immediately reminding you that it’s somehow MORE dangerous outside the bunker because it’s literally no man’s land, is absolutely amazing. Anytime im playing a horror game and see a window out of the manor, or something similar, im always like “why cant i just dip” but this game answering that with “beacause WWI” is so perfect i love it

4.5K |


1 week ago

The section about 'who's Lila' was really uncomfortable for me because I'm autistic and naturally, I don't have a lot of facial expressions - but if school teaches you one thing as an autistic person, then it's that you better have 'normal', neurotypical reactions or else at best you get socially isolated and at worst you get bullied.
I am, in fact, hand-animating my face every day; in every conversation, a part of my concentration is automatically dedicated to checking whether my expressions are right. And my voice also needs modulation and my hands also don't move by themselves. Due to years of practice, it's like riding a bike where it takes almost no effort anymore, but it's still there.
Mind you, I'm not doing this to manipulate others or something, there is no ill intent behind it - I just want to have and maintain a social life after not having friends for the first 15 years of my life.
I hope I didn't creep anyone out in writing this, I just thought my experiences might interest some people here
Edit: typo

1.1K |


1 week ago

Who's Lila is SO underrated, thank you for covering it! I hope more people discover this gem of a horror game.

2.3K |


2 weeks ago

what makes a great horror game scarier than a movie is giving you just enough agency to have responsibility but not enough to make that responsibility easy

5.9K |


1 week ago

I'm a writer, and I dabble in horror myself. I read horror books, watch horror movies, play horror games with obsessive fervency. I think that while horror itself is reactionary, terror is not.
There are three kinds of terror that I have uncovered. Personal terror, Societal terror, and Primal terror.
Personal terror is something you may be born with, or it is something you learn. They vary from person to person. Phobias of snakes, spiders, dogs, betrayal, drowning, darkness, falling, forests, or assault. These depend on the individual.
Societal terror is a kind of fear that the environment you grow up in, or the people you grow up around, instills within you. Here in America, that's expressed in a fear of a school shooting, or being arrested by a corrupt cop, or going into inescapable debt for medical care. Elsewhere, it may be a fear of poisonous snakes, or earthquakes, or war, or any other experience shared by an entire society.
Primal terror is the deepest part of ourselves, that lizard brain you mentioned, waking up in response to something and screaming that this is wrong. It manifests in gut instincts, the fear of things much bigger than you, or the sudden wave of adrenaline that washes over you when the forest suddenly goes dead silent and something inside you knows that you need to *leave*.
I see a lot of Primal terror in the Utility Room, Personal terror in Who's Lila, and Societal terror in the Bunker. Your choice in games to discuss remains immaculate!

824 |


1 week ago

13:54 I literally lived your nightmare. I've had this nervous tic since i was a toddler where, when in stressful situations, i start giggling and grinning. Whenever at home, if something went missing, if something broke, even when i was sick, whenever confronted if i was responsible or faking, i would involuntarily grin and laugh, and i was assumed to be lying. It took years for my parents to finally learn that i could not control these inappropriate responses (but only after several funerals and wakes where they had to hide their laughing toddler). It was the same at school. The kids i hung out with were troublemakers, and whenever they did something punishable, i would be lumped in for being their friend and my "guilty face" made me culpable. It really was like living a nightmare.

252 |


1 week ago

This is absolutely wild. I'm so glad you like the giant heads. Thanks for covering The Utility Room 🗿

4.3K |


1 week ago

If you're interested in categorizing horror, The Magnus Archives is a MUST listen. They eventually settled on 14 Fears, (maybe 15). The games in this video would be The Hunt (arguably The Slaughter), The Stranger, and The Vast. It helped me actually realize the nuance between anxiety and fear (but not before blessing me with a few new irrational fears as a going-away gift).

127 |


1 week ago

I havent played Who's Lila but listening to both the opening and Geller's description of his nightmares, it kinda reminded me of my experiences of being autistic. I've often practiced expressions in the mirror and planned reactions in advance. The nightmare happening to Geller was my childhood. I would be telling the complete truth but my face would be blushing and smiling so no-one believed me. It did often feel like my face is being warped by something out of my control. Idk if this is very relevant but I thought it would be interesting to add

1.7K |


1 week ago

Holy shit where was "Who's Lila?" hiding all this time? That's my kind of horror.

1.2K |


1 week ago

I have an unknown neurological condition that makes me have to control all of my movements consciously, moving for me feels like posing an armature. I will tell you now that learning about that game got me the closest to crying I have been in a very long time.

258 |


1 week ago

who’s lila sounds like EXACTLY what it feels like to be autistic. i have actively had to fight my own face in the past because i knew in theory how i was supposed to interact with others and react to different types of information but my face would never move the way i saw others’ faces moving and sometimes it would even move the wrong way, i’d literally grin when friends were telling me about home life issues even though i felt bad for them. it really makes you feel like you’re an imitation of a human being, or fighting for control of a body that isn’t your own

84 |


1 week ago

Thanks for covering The Utility Room

181 |


1 week ago

Who's Lila sounds really interesting from a perspective of something like autism. As someone who got into a lot of trouble as a young girl in school because I kept having the "wrong" reactions such as smiling/laughing at inappropriate times, what Jacob described here has really grabbed my attention.

20 |


1 week ago

Another facet of the horror in Who's Lila for me at least is the uncomfortable relatability. I've found myself saying the same thing, that emotions are difficult for me and i feel like I have to force reactions that people expect. It's very uncomfortable to hear the main character say the same thing

627 |


1 week ago

You waving at the giant moai head right before it got decimated was an excellent comedic bit

785 |

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