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Views : 3,311,408
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Upload date: Nov 19, 2023 ^^

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Comments - 4.3K

Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

So beans got fried as cameraman and now he's on the other side of the camera

6.6K |


2 weeks ago

you can tell that unlike other channels Airriack and his crew have genuine friendships and mean to eachother

964 |


1 week ago

These videos are actually so cool!

136 |


1 week ago

I love Dohaa so so much. Happy to see him more and more with the crew.

127 |


1 week ago

honestly, dohaa was the perfect person/fan to have ended up on your team. love his emotionless humor lol

164 |


1 week ago

First time seeing these guys and honestly everyone seems genuinely friendly to each other, like really good friends type of feel. Pretty awesome to see such a group, definitely gonna follow

78 |


2 weeks ago

It's nice to see the new guy understand the humor of this group

495 |


2 weeks ago

Sugarlab's invention is pretty cool. Especially when you consider they can print almost any shape. I wonder if they could make some sweets in the likeness of Dwayne Johnson.

Rock Candy sounds like a missed opportunity.

83 |


2 weeks ago

Crazy inventions. Sam is an inspirational figure. My spirit animal

218 |


1 week ago

Wow, what an adventure! Fascinating to see all these cutting-edge technologies. Looking forward to more such exciting content. Keep up the great work!

9 |


2 weeks ago

Airrack always tries so entertain us and it works.

296 |


2 weeks ago

Im genuinely so happy for Airrack he deserves it ive been here since 500k its crazy your at 14m

146 |


2 weeks ago

Every time I think your videos can’t get any more insane… I’m always wrong ❤

35 |


2 weeks ago

Thank you Airrack and friends for this amazing content i really appreciate it.

9 |


2 weeks ago

These videos are actually so cool! keep up the great work!

35 |


1 week ago

airrack never fails to fill us up with creamy, juicy entertainment

2 |


2 weeks ago

I think you need to go for the worlds largest 3D printed pizza world record now

562 |


2 weeks ago

Airrack never fails to find the most INSANE things 😂

54 |


2 weeks ago

Bro your videos are insane I didnt even see 1 minute of this yet and I can tell this is gonna be another great video keep up the good work 🔥 🔥

60 |


1 week ago

Awesome video - thank you for making us laugh and sharing the good times with us. Much love!

0 |

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