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What Happens When a Pro Climber Attends a Beginner Course??
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1,168,279 Views • Nov 20, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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Shot and edited by Markus Skaane

Can beginners spot the pro climber? - Magnus Midtbø

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Views : 1,168,279
Genre: Sports
Upload date: Nov 20, 2023 ^^

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Comments - 2.9K

Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 week ago

This is just magnus slowly easing us into his cosplay hobby😂

9.8K |


1 week ago

These beginners were so wholesome, i hope they get a proper beginners course after this without all of Magnus' shenannigans

2.3K |


1 week ago

This was really funny. The double chalk, the figure 4 and the parcour moves were gold.

1.1K |


1 week ago

You really outdid yourself on this one Magnus. The costume, the acting, the mixture of arrogance and encouragement. Really well done!

347 |


1 week ago

Double chalk, parkour... Finnish ant wisdom. 😂😂 This truly had everything. 😂

Loved everything about Johannes.

307 |


1 week ago

The comradery between the beginners and the constant support is really cool

243 |


1 week ago

Magnus trying to convince everyone to do the figure 4 was hilarious

1.6K |


1 week ago

Girl: "Where do you do parkour?"
Magnus: "In the parks. It's 'park'-our."

And I'm dead...

218 |


1 week ago

This one is great! Not only Magnus, who is top notch, but very likeable people in the gym, the trainer, all of them seem to be such kind characters. I wouldn't believe that I would have a favourite youtuber at my age 🙂but here we go.

245 |


1 week ago

As an Aussie climber, these guys represented Australia well. Good job to the beginners for being friendly and best of luck to them in their climbing journey!
P.s. Magnus you missed the best climbing gym in Sydney, Climbers Collective 😂

84 |


1 week ago

This might be the most fun I've EVER had watching a YouTube video. Great acting and absolutely hilarious stuff at the same time. Everyone was so nice, too.

151 |


1 week ago

"What don't I play" killed me 😄 Nice save!

263 |


1 week ago

We are at the point where even in my small gym, I have to do a quick double take on any new people just to be sure they aren’t Magnus in disguise.

3K |


4 days ago

I know Magnus has done this before with instructors not knowing just being by himself. But, this instructor did very well being able to keep it hush. Props to him for keeping a poker face, and giving great advice until his parkour shenanigans where he knew he had to pretend to be amazed seeing a "beginner" do difficult jumps.

20 |


6 days ago

One girl knew exactly who he was immediately. Right after he fell on the first climb she looked at him with a huge smile, and again when he talked about the gloves.

19 |


1 week ago

As a Hungarian I can confirm that in Finland we indeed have a saying "If the ants have legs, use them"

67 |


1 week ago

This video was incredible! All the beginners at the gym seemed like wonderful people, and I love how they encouraged each other! Magnus was incredibly funny too! Him trying to get everyone to do Figure-4s had me in stitches!

30 |


5 days ago

Magnus! For old times sake, can you put out just a straight up video of you tackling hard boulder problems? I love your content, and I miss those videos!!

33 |


1 week ago

The "double chalk" was just pure gold. This is easily the funniest character.

1.8K |


1 week ago

Magnus of rock climbing is like Anatoly of power lifting always going around pranking others 😂😂😂. Your should do a collaboration together 😂

24 |

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