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Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 - CCTV Camera Analysis and ARG Update
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347,571 Views • Nov 20, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 just recieved another ARG update, showcasing some new environments and character via the CCTV camera feed, as well as some more information on Catnap and The Prototype. In this video we go over all the latest news and updates for Poppy Playtime Chapter 3.

The Game:

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 week ago

I like how CatNap's tail is really long so that he can climb through the vents and holes he created.

1.3K |


1 week ago

I’m shocked that mob games actually made something actually wholesome. The prototype sacrificing his escape to save Theo is really cute and nice
All that I can say is, colour me surprised

625 |


1 week ago

this will easily be the most terrifying chapter hands down.

817 |


1 week ago

Does anyone else find it adorable that CatNap follows the Prototype around and he doesn't seem to mind? CatNap is already my favorite character and that makes me like him even more along with him being shy and cuddly with the kids

244 |


1 week ago

Gonna be honest, I’m both scared and hyped for Chapter 3 that’s gonna release in the next couple of weeks. For starters, we know it’s not just Catnap, but every one of the group. We don’t know what they all do which scares me even more. Especially how much more gore is shown unlike others chapters. They are really leaning on the cruel and sadistic side of Humanity if the Orphan Experiments are true. Even FNaF and Bendy doesn’t have this much cruelty.

Edit: Also in the VHS Tape of the Smiling Critters; it shows that Catnap stretched its tail from the moon. Perhaps that’s it’s other ability, the ability to stretch?

677 |


1 week ago

I love that the incident with Theo puts gasoline on the fire that is the theory that the Prototype is Elliot while Poppy is his daughter. The Prototype going parental mode on these kids who expected parents but ended up with their horrifying fates.

430 |


1 week ago

Scene Selection
0:00 - Intro
0:59 - Analyzing the CCTV Footage
5:03 - Theodore and the Prototype
14:35 - Outro

400 |


1 week ago

Love how they're keeping catnap in the dark so you can't tell what he completely looks like

84 |


1 week ago

The fact that CatNap Is clinging onto the ceiling , with his head twisted fully around makes me realise just how flexible he is!

37 |


1 week ago

If you look closely, you can that CatNap's pendent is swinging as he lays on the top bunk bed. A nice little detail that shows that his pendent is like a collar.

67 |


1 week ago

One thing that seems to be rather noticeable at this point is how we know the experiment numbers of every major 'living toy' in the plot so far, including 1006...but the sole exception is Poppy herself. There's been zero mention of her in any of the lore beyond the first level video, the freaky 'repair' video, and direct confirmation from MOB themselves that the Poppy we encounter was the very first.

I wonder why that is...

105 |


1 week ago

I hope that bobby bearhug and the other smiling critters will appear and help us in this chapter.

328 |


1 week ago

The detail about CatNap following the prototype makes me think that the prototype might not have been just the hand originally but part of another toy we don’t know about yet.

71 |


1 week ago

Until I’m proven wrong, I choose to believe that CatNap wrote the “find the flower” note on the prototype’s orders, because I find it funny that he knows the word “somniferous”, but misspells “disappeared” and “we’re”.

100 |


1 week ago

One important thig to consider: Leith Pierre 's report said that the incident involving Theo and the Prototype happened around 1989. That means the Bigger Bodies Initiative must have started around that year or a bit earlier, considering the Prototype already existed.

131 |


1 week ago

So from Leith Pierre's message, he confirmed that the prototype wasn't always this mysterious, outcasted toy pulling strings from the shadows. He was intergrated with the other toys whether for experiments or for the sake of children. Either way, that fascinates me

25 |


1 week ago

I definitely think the smiling critters is a cult. The other animals obey CatNap because he's the only one that can give them what they need.

31 |


1 week ago

Can we just take this time to appreciate Mike for reading through the docs? 👍👍 bcos i think other theorist channels would usually just summarise them and it sometimes annoys me when they do that. Kudos to you SHB!

61 |


1 week ago

I get the feeling that since they’re mass releasing teasers, most likely might release the chapter soon. Nice.

101 |


1 week ago

If we are to believe the smiling critters like Bobby bearhug crawling around the halls are surveying the area for catnap that would be very interesting. Catnap is most definitely pretty big like beading white eyes and seeing the moon charm swinging around. Who knows if all the smiling critters will help catnap or if some of them betrayed him and the prototype who became part of that stitched up being. Those ARG documents pretty much confirmed that playtime co saw Theodore as a troublesome kid who would make more trouble so he was listed to become catnap and that’s wha happened. He remembers that the prototype saved his life which is very interesting that it does care for the children and even in his new body he’s very obedient to 1006.

43 |

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