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Lions vs. Bears postgame locker room celebration
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193,083 Views • Nov 19, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Go inside the Lions locker room and watch Coach Dan Campbell address the team after their home win over the Bears in Week 11 of the 2023 season.

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Views : 193,083
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Comments - 462

Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

I like Hutch getting the ball, but Anzo needs to be recognized. Dude's been killing it this year.

775 |


2 weeks ago

I look forward to these locker room celebrations every week

400 |


2 weeks ago

As a Niners fan I can't deny the lions heart. I am rooting for you guys and I hope you go deep in the playoffs or further!

232 |


2 weeks ago

Finding a way to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat. This team has heart. This team has talent. That was something special. Go Lions.

129 |


2 weeks ago

Dan Campbell leveled up to Super Saiyan level 2 right here

543 |


2 weeks ago

Dan Campbell found his roar like the lion king in this one. Pure passion, I love this guy i hope he is our coach for decades!

36 |


2 weeks ago

Jaymo with the HUGE TD catch! Keep that kid's confidence growing!!

141 |


2 weeks ago

THIS is a coach! He’s our coach…he’s my coach….he’s Detroits coach! Go Lions!!! Forward down the field!!

49 |


2 weeks ago

As a Pats fan, Dan Campbell has to be my favorite NFL coach rn. I just love the energy he brings to the Lions. This team is going to be dangerous for a while.

70 |


2 weeks ago

That beginning scream set the whole tone for the video 🗣️🔥🗣️🔥

46 |


2 weeks ago

i absolutely love the locker room celebrations every week...... after the lions win it is the first thing i look feeling in the world to be pulling for this team that struggled for so long and had sooooooo many tough losses..... now they are an unstoppable juggernaut running the north and very close to taking the #1 seed...... an inside look at the post game locker room makes me feel like im able to celebrate with my team...... LET GO LIONS

62 |


2 weeks ago

Nothing like having a whole State proud ! Detroit football kicks ASS

96 |


2 weeks ago

Anzo & Branch were amazing too this game. Great come back win! #OnePride #GRIT #MCDC

12 |


1 week ago

This is my team in any sport and Lions fans we deserve it more than any fan base in any sport period!

21 |


2 weeks ago

Dan campbell is the definition of GRIT dude im so happy for this team they truly have the talent to do something special this season

12 |


2 weeks ago

I was there and it was amazing! A win is a win, and this is a game that will stay with me forever! Ignore the haters and see Green Bay on Thursday!

87 |


2 weeks ago

I'm 63 and been a Lions Fan since my Dad got stationed outside Detroit in 69. SO nice to see winning football again.

11 |


1 week ago

As a life long Lions fan (60+ years) their successes this season will forever hold a special place in my heart and mind. The next game on Thanksgiving might make me the happiest man alive.❤

4 |


2 weeks ago

Lions living up to their name. Lions never back down. Up against all odds stand, fight, and win. Come out victorious in the end. Lets go Lions. You guys are getting me through my hard days I swear; just keep going.

18 |


2 weeks ago

I screamed too after this win Dan!!!

31 |

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